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Furutech FP 218(R)

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One last comment has to go to the finish of the connectors … Tolerances are spot on, the stuff goes in smoothly, locks and unlocks without any undue play … There's something luxurious and silken about the Furutech connectors. Like fine Swiss watches. This stuff also routes and drapes easily. … Since it does perform to a very high standard, getting the tactile satisfaction and pride of ownership bits thrown into the bargain is worth mentioning.
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• α (Alpha) pure-copper 24k Gold-plated or Rhodium-plated conductors 
• Connections:Terminal press or Soldered 
• Special two stage fixed wire crimp construction to ensure contact stability. Inner crimp for raw conductor and outer crimp for unstripped wire. 
• Specified for wire diameters of up to 6mm max.
• Dimensions:Space between conductor 8.1mm/13.0mm(W) x 35.5mm overall length Crimp barrel: 8.0mm Outer diameter x 15.0mm (L)

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